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ICASM 2012 Second AnnouncementIn 1998 and 2002 the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine (ASAM) (then the Aviation Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand) hosted International Congresses of Aviation and Space Medicine (ICASM) in Brisbane and Sydney, and now ASAM is delighted to have an opportunity to welcome Academicians, their families and friends back to our shores in 2012.  The beautiful and iconic city of Melbourne will provide a spectacular venue for ICASM 2012. 

The scientific program will address some major issues in current aerospace medicine practice in airlines, the military, medical retrieval, accident investigation, human factors, physiology and space.  Technical tours will provide insights into aspects of Australia’s military and civilian aviation medicine sectors.  Delegates will also have ample opportunity to experience the cosmopolitan lifestyle that typifies Melbourne, sometimes considered to be Australia’s “most liveable” city.   Melbourne is a city made to be explored, with great food, great wine and great coffee around every corner!

We hope that Academicians and others with a passion for aerospace medicine will take this opportunity to visit “down under”, enjoy the professional experience that ICASM offers, and stay a while to unwind and explore the many amazing destinations that Australia has to offer.

We look forward to welcoming you to Melbourne in September 2012.

Dr Gordon Cable
ICASM Organising Committee, 2012

Dr Greig Chaffey

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2012 ICASM | 60th International Congress of Aviation & Space Medicine
16-20 September 2012 | Melbourne Australia

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